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Disruptive innovation and massive shifts in the workplace are leaving many FM-industry professionals feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending need to expand their knowledge and prove their value. Mike shares inspirational stories and offers insight to help equip facility managers and industry service-providers with the practical tools necessary to face these rapid changes in the marketplace. Mike will encourage your audience to "Be an FM innovator!®"



Lessons from "The FM Innovator Podcast"

Inspiration for Success in the Future Workplace


Facing the Challenges of "The Workplace Evolution"

Adapt and Innovate to Prove Your Value

Expanding & Leveraging Your Human Network

Selling Your Ideas to Leadership

Building "A Culture of Collaboration"


Partnering for Excellence in FM


The Evolving Role of FM Practitioners


Personal Branding & Marketing Your Value


Communicate the Value of Your FM Solution


Selling to Facility Managers

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