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Mike has delivered talks promoting partnerships and innovation at IFMA's Facility Fusion and World Workplace conferences, as well as the NFMT Show and local IFMA Chapter events. Encouraging the industry through inspirational stories, with a light-hearted tone, Mike will motivate your audience to build a culture of collaboration in the FM community.


With an understanding of workplace trends and the innovative technologies that are having an impact on the built environment, Mike can moderate your panel discussion.  He'll pose relevant questions while keeping the conversation on pace, along with an added touch of humor and insight into our FM world and the challenges we must face together.


Mike's experience as the host of "The FM Innovator" Podcast and Summit, has uniquely qualified him for  managing live & produced events. 

Facilitating discussions about industry-trends is Mike's passion, so he can direct your program with precision while also improvising and exploring the human side of each conversation. 



"Full of energy and entertainment! Oh, and knowledge, too!"

"It was humorous, filled with energy, and very inspiring. Made me feel absolutely PROUD to be in FM!"

"Mike is the consummate facilitator." 



Do you have a facility management or workplace-related meeting or conference to plan? Mike Petrusky can help by delivering a keynote message to your audience, facilitating a panel discussion, or by serving as host for the event. With a mission to inspire and motivate our FM community, Mike has experience leading participants through the challenges we face adapting to the workplace revolution. As host of "The Facility Management Innovator Podcast", Mike has learned a great deal by talking with FM industry-leaders about workplace trends, challenges, and the future of the built environment.


With the “FMI Summit”, a live podcast experience, Mike has brought together people who believe in building partnerships that will allow us to innovate and keep pace during the "age of acceleration". Our FM community recognizes that a true culture of collaboration is required to help industry-professionals adapt to the changing marketplace and prove their value inside of their organizations. With a focus on our common human experiences, Mike encourages audiences to get outside of their comfort zone, engage in continuous learning, and "Be an FM innovator!®"



Mike Petrusky

Kayrell Connections

Tel: 703-402-0196

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